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MightyTripodProds   |   2 год. назад
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Описание видео

CYBERBULLYING - Short Film - Смотреть популярное видео!

Cyberbullying was written and performed by students from Explorer West Middle School, and produced by Mighty Tripod Productions with an all volunteer, professional crew. We hope that this film can help give a voice to those who feel they are not heard.

Directed by Angela DiMarco
Written by Giavana Finkley
Produced by David S. Hogan and Angela DiMarco
Director of Photography: Domenic Barbero
Editor: Tony Tibbetts
Gaffer: Casey Schmidt
Music Score: Ryan Ricks
Location Sound: David S. Hogan

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CYBERBULLYING - Short Film - Смотреть популярное видео!


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