Thirteen - Young Actors Project

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Robert Randall   |   5 год. назад
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Thirteen - Young Actors Project - Смотреть популярное видео!

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Thirteen year old Caroline and her family just moved halfway across the country. Her old life was easy - at her old school she was popular, but now, all this fitting in stuff seems weird. Mom tells her to join clubs. But it's not that easy... Dodgeball team - Ouch! Debate team - Yikes! How about the ABC's (the Anti-Bullying Committee) - not a chance. A group of desperate losers want her to be in their rap video. Sounds like fun, but does she dare? And when getting too friendly with the chess club nerd threatens her chances with the popular girls it seems she might not fit anywhere. Is she brave enough to stand on her own and be herself? Caroline's been told a million times "be yourself." But how do you do that if you don't know who "yourself" is yet?
Written and directed by Robert Randall for the Young Actors Project.

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Thirteen - Young Actors Project - Смотреть популярное видео!


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