AFTR:HRS - Mixed By Tiësto

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AFTR:HRS - Mixed By Tiësto - Смотреть популярное видео!

The first ever AFTR:HRS compilation has arrived. Download on Beatport or add it to your favourite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE:

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Tiësto officially presents the first mix album for his newly founded deep house label AFTR:HRS. The DJ set includes BLR’s debut single Nungwi, released on the label this year, as well as special label mixcuts of tracks by Tiësto, CamelPhat, Ferreck Dawn, Florian Paetzold and Baggi, working up a warm, inviting house vibe, moving from sweet vocal tracks to emotionally driven melodics. Your AFTR:HRS start here!

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AFTR:HRS - Mixed By Tiësto - Смотреть популярное видео!


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